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Katcha Bilek

From the designer who dislikes waste, Katcha Bilek presents her collection of stylish & versatile bags & belts, crocodiles & chandeliers, from upcycled, recycled & reclaimed materials. Katcha began selling her upcycled inner-tube bags in Spain from the late nineties. Living in an out-of-service fire engine as she travelled across Europe, she was regularly found […]

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Why Upcycle?

Upcycling is becoming increasingly popular among groups and individuals concerned about climate change.  Recycling is great but it requires energy and resources to collect, sort and process unwanted items and waste.

Upcycling is an even greener way of recycling – you find a new purpose for your unwanted items before you chuck them away

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Creative Entrepreneur

Bags and fashion accessories made from recycled inner tubes, bike tyres and car seatbelts. All the material are locally sourced and made in Bristol

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Getting life from Old Furniture

The Daily Mail has a great article on revamping old furniture.

There are a few great tips, links and ideas to get you started on turning that old dining table and chairs into something FUNky :-)

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Festival Tents

A little bit out of date but still a good example of Upcycling entrepreneurship. Have you ever seen the mess left behind at the UK festivals?  One thing that is often left behind is tents, often because they are either damaged or considered not worth uprooting and repacking since they are so cheap to replace. To […]

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